Gifting As The Pinterest Woman

WOW, what a week! This Christmas was absolutely wonderful – I had a TON of extended and immediate family time, loads of auntie time with the cutest little nephew a woman could have (and there is still more to come!) and nommmmmmmed on some of my FAVORITE treats, meals and snacks…I’m left feeling loved, content and FULL! 😉 Unfortunately while prepping for the holidays with a few The Pinterest Woman (TPW) recipes, I cooked my phone…whoops…so I lost a ton of photos that I hoped to blog about this week…so come with me on this journey and please excuse me for not having step by step photos!

As for this post, I want to focus on GIFT GIVING!

Gift giving was so much fun this year…not only was I more confident in purchasing gifts for people, I also had a nice time scanning Pinterest Wishlists for a few surprise gifts for people. I also received a few gifts off of my own wishlist – that was pretty cool ;-). Makes you realize who actually visits your boards! ha! As for being more confident in my purchasing of gifts, I always stress out when I need to purchase someone clothes. It is tough to know what is someone’s style when maybe it isn’t your style. As you may remember from my shopping posts with Carrie and Charlotte, Carrie LOVES to redo her look. SO, I had so much fun shopping for her gift this year.

Knowing she is a fan of AnnTaylor LOFT AND that she has loads of pants which she purchased during our most recent holiday trip, I headed to the LOFT for top options! Carrie also loves advice on how to put things together, but since my own personal style needs Pinterest, I figured, I’d pin a few ideas for her and put it with her gift…enter REAL LIFE PINNING!

Through Microsoft Paint, I made three TIP pages of the same size and put together a little three page book (sorry, I lost the final photo in the accidental cooking of my phone)

Through Microsoft Paint, I made three TIP pages of the same size and put together a little three page book (sorry, I lost the final photo in the accidental cooking of my phone)

I purchased the maroon sweater with a dark pink top (see top right photo) and gold and purple bracelet set. I then snapped a few shots of the sweater on display in store AND pinned a photo of the top online – with a few additional tips for how to pair the coordinating top with her cute new pants, this gift was a HUGE hit! While I don’t recommend gifting clothes with tips on how to wear it for everyone, it is a fun way to gift someone clothes who ASKS for the advice or tips ;-).

HAPPY DRESSING…and gifting dear readers!

XOXO, Karen


PINTEREST: The Reverse of “I Have Nothing To Wear” – A Workweek’s Worth Of Pinned Outfits

This post officially marks my 100th!!! Although I typically just blog as I go (I really wasn’t lying when I said I use Pinterest EVERY day), when I started seeing the numbers grow closer to 100 this past weekend, I decided to give some thought to what I wanted my 100th post to be. Through these last few months I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my take on and experiences with Pinterest Pins. I hope you’ve:

  • Laughed with me as I learn how to cook – typically it takes me a day or two to find the funny there, but you help me uncover it when I actually have to write out what I just discovered (BACON GREASE UNDER A BROILER = FIRE!)
  • Celebrated when I actually got a recipe right
  • Cheered as our boys in orange went to the World Series!!!
  • Whipped up some margaritas before, during and after my 30th birthday Fiesta (THANK YOU for indulging me)!
  • OR, embraced a girls night full of girlie movies! I look forward to sharing more of my favorites (up next, holiday movies!!!)

Although I definitely need to take better photos (poor Mr. Darcy’s crema never looked so unappetizing), you have all been so fabulous to me and I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing many things with you. SO, for my 100th post, I decided I’d go with a post about one of my more popular Pinterest boards – also a popular theme here at The Pinterest Woman – FASHION!

It was either fashion or food!

Those are the posts I get the most “likes” on and since I feel like I have NO sense of fashion, I’m going with “Fashion,” as you always pump up my confidence so much…Oh and without Pinterest, I would NEVER post a photo of my outfit to the internet! 😉

Here it goes…(I know, I know, I’m long winded – I will keep it short):

This past Sunday, what was typically a trap in the past – the weather is turning and I’m shopping in a clothing store – quickly became a revelation that I, in fact, DID have something to wear!

About twice a year, typically right when the weather is changing, I look to my closet FULL of clothes and think those annoying thoughts – “I have NOTHING to wear.” This winter Pinterest gave me a new outlook on my closet. Knowing my 100th post was on its way, I challenged myself NOT to plan out my outfits the night before this week and to use Pinterest as my Stylist each morning…and you know what, it worked! I even got a few compliments along the way!!! (NOTE DAY 4: I was running late and only after putting on my JCREW High Heel Jeans and black boots, I realized my white collared shirt was NOT ironed…BUT panic did not settle in. I grabbed a favorite sweater from LOFT 2011 and was very pleased with the outfit – I even stayed in it for Harper’s Birthday dinner. A last minute outfit NEVER makes it an entire day for me):

Takeaway?! Don’t wait until the morning to plan your outfits, BUT always use Pinterest, especially if “you don’t have anything to wear!”

TGIF, Karen

“I’m going (going) back (back) to Cali (Cali)”

Wow, what a week. This really was a great way to spend a week – travelling around the East Coast, securing great things for my clients and learning A LOT (both for my business and for The Pinterest Woman) – Did anyone see yesterday’s post? And the comments below? Scary. I spent the majority of my night last night updating my Pinterest boards and trying to read through my blog to make sure I’m not upsetting anyone. May have been a bit of an overreaction, but I panicked!

I digress…
The East Coast has been great, but I’m so excited to get home! I pinned a few things along the way that I want to remember for home (for example, don’t you love the trees that line the streets of NYC in East Midtown? The way the leaves blow are so pretty. I must remember those when landscaping the yard!):


Road blocked for the President’s vis

I have been staying at a Hampton Inn in CT because my client has a rate there. And let me just say, Hampton Inns are great! I know, they are not a luxury hotel, BUT every HI I’ve stayed in has been clean, the staff is nice, they usually have a pool/gym of some sort (this one has both) AND they give you a full breakfast in the morning. And not just a muffin and coffee breakfast – a BREAKFAST (we are talking eggs, cereal, fresh made waffles, coffee, pastries, you name it, they have it!) I love them! Anyhoo, I even got a few ideas for my Pinterest page while flipping through magazines in the gym:


Found an awesome glute/leg workout in the Shape Magazine in the hotel gym in CT and Pinned this photo to remember for later!

And, just to recap, I did, in fact, use PINTEREST to pack this trip and I must say – it was the best trip for my clothing yet! I never rolled my eyes at what I chose and I was excited to strut my stuff every day during this trip, haha ;-). Check out today’s comfortable-for-flying BUT appropriate-for-the-client-office-place outfit:


Actually did recreate the outfit from my last post and I’m lookin’ pretty snazzy if I don’t say so myself 😉 – Painted my own nails, haha

All in all, Pinterest clothed me, entertained me, kept track of ideas I wanted to try along the way, and kept me fit (Oh man, I must share with you some of the workouts I did on this trip. Most noteable, a recently pinned glute exercise. I swear I woke up this morning and thought I pinched a nerve…it HURT – simply a sign that I do not work that muscle as much as I should, ha)! THANK YOU!!!

Looking forward to checking in from the West Coast. Goodbye East Coast. Love ya!