Merry Christmas Dear Readers…a Pinterrific Christmas that is ;-)

I hope you and yours are having an absolute fabulous day! As soon as the madness of my favorite holiday dies down, I promise to share the details of my Pinterrific Christmas! In addition to utilizing great Pinterest staples like the sweet potato hash, apple cider, and outfit planning, this year Pinterest gave me a go to recipe for non-holiday meals, holiday snacks that are not sugar filled AND it even helped me put together a few surprise gifts!

Our tree!

Our tree!

Merry merry…and since it is Christmas I just want to thank you all for being such supportive readers and inspiring me on a daily basis.

Xoxo, Karen


Favorite Carol Pick #2

I am not sharing these in the order that I love them, as I love my carols equally! I have chosen this second song not only because it is one of my FAVORITE holiday songs, but because it is also from one of my FAVORITE holiday movies – White Christmas. Have you ever seen Bing Crosby sing? That deep voice comes out so effortlessly and his songs, especially his carols are so comforting. Every time I hear a Bing song, I’m reminded of warm Christmas mornings in my parents home, sitting around the kitchen table enjoying a FEAST, listening to Bing together…I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Check out my first pick here!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! To my dear readers who celebrate Hanukkah, I hope you have a lovely weekend – Happy Hanukkah!!

XOXO, Karen

HAPPY HOLIDAYS – “Deck the Halls with Bells of Holly”

Yep, the weekend is here, Mr. Darcy and I are going to get our tree tonight and I will be decorating the Darcy home this weekend!!! I cannot WAIT! Now, this is actually a week late for me. Typically I am decorating the day after Thanksgiving. However, since we were traveling for Thanksgiving my decorating was put off…and I am SO excited to get into the holiday spirit!

I’ve already pulled together my inspiration map – pulled from my favorite Pinterest Pins:

I am a red/gold/silver and GREEN holiday color scheme kind of decorator ;-)

I am a red/gold/silver and GREEN holiday color scheme kind of decorator 😉

I will DEFINITELY be tuning into KOIT 96.5 (they live stream their Christmas music here if you don’t live here in the Bay Area) OR listening to Songza’s “Classic Christmas” Playlist – have you checked out yet?! You should, the Classic Christmas playlist is PHENOMENAL!!

Happy Holidays Dear Readers!

XOXO, Karen