Gifting As The Pinterest Woman

WOW, what a week! This Christmas was absolutely wonderful – I had a TON of extended and immediate family time, loads of auntie time with the cutest little nephew a woman could have (and there is still more to come!) and nommmmmmmed on some of my FAVORITE treats, meals and snacks…I’m left feeling loved, content and FULL! 😉 Unfortunately while prepping for the holidays with a few The Pinterest Woman (TPW) recipes, I cooked my phone…whoops…so I lost a ton of photos that I hoped to blog about this week…so come with me on this journey and please excuse me for not having step by step photos!

As for this post, I want to focus on GIFT GIVING!

Gift giving was so much fun this year…not only was I more confident in purchasing gifts for people, I also had a nice time scanning Pinterest Wishlists for a few surprise gifts for people. I also received a few gifts off of my own wishlist – that was pretty cool ;-). Makes you realize who actually visits your boards! ha! As for being more confident in my purchasing of gifts, I always stress out when I need to purchase someone clothes. It is tough to know what is someone’s style when maybe it isn’t your style. As you may remember from my shopping posts with Carrie and Charlotte, Carrie LOVES to redo her look. SO, I had so much fun shopping for her gift this year.

Knowing she is a fan of AnnTaylor LOFT AND that she has loads of pants which she purchased during our most recent holiday trip, I headed to the LOFT for top options! Carrie also loves advice on how to put things together, but since my own personal style needs Pinterest, I figured, I’d pin a few ideas for her and put it with her gift…enter REAL LIFE PINNING!

Through Microsoft Paint, I made three TIP pages of the same size and put together a little three page book (sorry, I lost the final photo in the accidental cooking of my phone)

Through Microsoft Paint, I made three TIP pages of the same size and put together a little three page book (sorry, I lost the final photo in the accidental cooking of my phone)

I purchased the maroon sweater with a dark pink top (see top right photo) and gold and purple bracelet set. I then snapped a few shots of the sweater on display in store AND pinned a photo of the top online – with a few additional tips for how to pair the coordinating top with her cute new pants, this gift was a HUGE hit! While I don’t recommend gifting clothes with tips on how to wear it for everyone, it is a fun way to gift someone clothes who ASKS for the advice or tips ;-).

HAPPY DRESSING…and gifting dear readers!

XOXO, Karen


“Fancy” Gift Guide For the Weekend Traveler: Gifts Under $250

This morning I was tasked with the fun job of coming up with a few gift ideas for one of our favorite clients and I immediately went to Pinterest. I had so much fun searching for ideas – and found some GREAT gifts! I figured, why not write up my own gift guide for you!? SO, if you are looking for a nice gift for a weekend traveler in your life, I’ve included a few fun ideas below (many of these had multiple Pins and Likes. WARNING: I had a cushy budget of $100-$250).

 A WEEKEND TRAVELER ACCORDING TO THE PINTEREST WOMAN – Someone who regularly takes short trips, has family far enough away that they would stay the night, but close enough that they visit often, and/or is a business traveler. My client is all of these things – in fact, she had 9, count them, NINE weddings this year. GURL TRAVELS A TON! So, I knew I wanted to get her something for her travels…and since these are “weekend” travels and not LONG, more extensive trips, I pinpointed three gift ideas:

 GIFT IDEA #1 – Overnight bag

  • Longchamp ‘Le Pliage‘ Travel Bag ($195)– I personally love the shape of the Le Pliage travel bag, but I have never seen it in person, so I don’t know how big it is. Have you seen it? I still think it would work though!

Cute right!

GIFT IDEA #2 – A Wristlet

I love a wristlet – I own MANY. I love them because they are not only convenient, especially for business travel, BUT you can throw them in your larger purse and then pull out for those quick errands. I love them for travel because I can get away with using them as my wallet, but as a clutch when going out to client dinners – I don’t want to lug my laptop with me everywhere!

  • Hobo ($128) – I was exposed to Hobo a few years ago because one of their sales members attends a sample sale here in San Francisco every December. Although their bags can be an investment, now that I’ve owned a few (at a fraction of the cost), I would definitely consider investing in one, particularly their wristlets. They are basically wallets with great sections for cards, phones, lipstick, etc. but slim and sleek. I love the look of the older ones. If you are interested in buying a gift for someone but don’t mind if they can’t return, there are quite a few Hobo Wristlets on ebay. Here is one of my favorites on Etsy.
  • Alexander Wang (I LOVE the size of this one – OH MAN, now I want this!) ($195): My sister has one about this size and she says it is GREAT for a new mom because you can easily tuck it into a diaper bag, and grab it if you just want something small.


  • ToryBurch is also a good option, especially if you want to gift your weekend traveler with a more recognizable brand ($155).
  • KateSpade Wristlet – Another recognizable brand, but only $100 (In black).

GIFT IDEA #3 – Laptop Bag – Especially for a business traveler, a nice laptop bag goes a long way…and for someone like myself, I would wear it with pride as I travel through those boring airport terminals. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I regularly travel to NYC and the majority of the time, when I step off the airplane, I feel like the most unfashionable mess ever. A fancy laptop bag might ease that stress 😉

  • ToryBurch Felt Ella Tote ($250) – Although not listed as a laptop bag, I love a bag that I can not only put my laptop in, BUT I can throw a bottle of water, files for my trip and a book or other personal items (ahem, airplane snacks) for the long trip. This bag is PERFECT!

It has water bottle holders inside!

  • I was so pleased with this find that I have NO other laptop bags to share 😉

OK, I realize this was a pricey post, but I had so much fun utilizing Pinterest for this that I had to share…typically I am stressed out about the gifts for clients.


P.S. I pictured my favorite options from each section…for what it is worth 😉

“Happy Holidays, Happy Holidays…May your ev’ry wish come true”

I cannot believe it is already November…NOVEMBER! Now, I am not upset by this, I am THRILLED. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rest of the year and I look forward to many things throughout the year, BUT the holidays – OH THE HOLIDAYS – are my FAVORITE time of the year. From the Christmas Carols to the loads of reasons to get together with the family, the holidays (Christmas for my family) are the most wonderful time of the year!

SHOPPING TIP: Start your Holiday shopping now! For those gift recipients who like gifts from big name stores (Macys, Gap, etc.) it is worth a wait for the Friends and Family, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. BUT if you are getting tokens for people or non-clothing/home products, shop NOW. Hit up places like (WARNING: This site is addicting. I’ve already finished 5 gifts from this site), (Pinterest is a GREAT place to get inspired with personalized products. And the majority of the gifts I’ve found on Pinterest link back to ;-)), and why not buy gift cards NOW?! I mean, I just saw that offers gift cards and I know Netflix allows you to purchase gift certificates…easy! I love a gift certificate gift that is paired with a small token. For example:

  • Movie Theater/Netflix Gift Certificate with a DVD (Target gives DVDs away on Black Friday)
  • A book or Barnes & Noble Gift Certificate with a beautiful blanket (Have you ever felt the SOFT Restoration Hardware Chenille throws Oh they are beautiful (and on sale today actually: $59)??? But really, I think any nice throw would work. Even Kohls had nice throws on sale at Black Friday last year!
  • Bottle of Wine with a BevMo Gift Card!

There are LOADS of gift ideas like this on Pinterest. Need some inspiration try these search terms:

  • Gift card gifts
  • DIY Gifts
  • Last minute holiday

I feel like the shopping part of the holidays is the hardest part for most. SO, from one working gal to another (or a mom, dad, non-working person who has to do all of the other holiday preparation on TOP of shopping) start now! Make a list, do some cyber shopping and enjoy it…because as much as gift giving is only a portion of holiday celebrations, it is so fun to see the look on people’s faces when they open their gifts!

Let me leave you with one song that gets me even more excited for the holidays*:

Happy Holidays (I can say that now!)

LOVE, Karen

PS. I am SO excited to watch the rescheduled TODAY SHOW Halloween segment. It always gets me ready for the upcoming holiday season. In my line of work, once Halloween is complete, my colleagues start working on their holiday segments and stories SO, I am all holiday, all the time now…well, Holiday and election news. 😉

*I wanted to share this video, but they won’t let me embed it SO if you feel like linking away, please do:


What a wonderful weekend! It felt long, I enjoyed lots of QT with friends and family AND projects actually happened around the house.

This Monday I have to move my “Front Hump” Day post up because I’m SO excited about a weekend shopping spree that is helping with my internal stylist self. My cousins (let’s call them Charlotte and Carrie – C&C) and I went shopping…and by shopping, I mean SHOPPING. We headed out to the outlets in Napa, CA and did some damage at the Gap, JCREW and Ann Taylor (sorry Banana Republic, LOFT, etc., by the time we arrived at your doors, we had spent WAY too much money – we didn’t even go in). We didn’t forget about the kiddos – we checked out GAP Kids and Gymboree as well. Charlotte purchased something for her hubby and my Goddaughter (her daughter 😉 ) and Carrie scored adorable stuff for her daughter as well, but I, well, I only purchased things for myself…whoops.

Before approaching the trip, I consulted my Pinterest Board titled “envious styles, clothes, accessories” and created a list – it was long. C&C agreed. I threw on a Pinterest inspired outfit for easy changing room activity (see below) and grabbed my list and we were off.

Now, I pin Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon quite often and repin a ton of ideas from two particular friends I’m following – SO FUN! Their styles are pretty simple (t-shirt and jeans with a scarf or jeans, jacket and fun top) but so put together at the same time. So my purchases were really focused on getting the basics – nice white t’s, jeans, and a few colorful items to plus up my wardrobe. VERY excited to wear THIS:

INSPIRED BY THIS (the vibrant blue is so gorgeous and I had it on my Birthday WISH LIST Pinterest Board but I simply could not wait):

Street Style! Real Celeb Looks Straight Off the Street! |

TIP: As Fall approaches, I’m seeing a TON of pinning activity around scarves. One VERY helpful repin I did this weekend was to this “6 Ways to Tie a Scarf” I LOVE #6!

I am sure I will have MANY more “Front Hump” posts to share STARRING my newest wardrobe additions, but for now, I’d love to end this post with a quote from my Godmom who told me “You should always dress like you are going to meet the man/woman of your dreams that day.” This can even be applied to workout gear – no need for makeup ladies – the man of your dreams will eventually have to see you sans makeup, but it is so easy to look put together with today’s workout wardrobes.

CONFESSION – If you read my post on Friday, I never had the chance to bake the lemon pull apart bread – it was a bit more involved than I had thought (NOTE/CHALLENGE to self – Take on a few more baking challenges. Tackle lemon pull apart bread in a few months – definitely by the holidays). Tonight, I will bake’s Baked Beef Taquitos from their DROP 10 Diet plan. Although baked and healthier for you, they taste like you are indulging and Mr. Darcy even approves! A fun tip I learned from them – Swap *Greek Yogurt for Sour Cream – DELISH! (NOTE: You have to sign up to get the recipe, but here is a free recipe that you could swap lean ground beef in for the black bean- cornmeal mash:
*For other fun Greek Yogurt cooking ideas check out VOSKOS or Oikos Pinterest Boards!