TPW’s Holiday Carol Pick – Frank Sinatra’s Jingle Bells

How can you NOT love this song…Frank+jingle bells in the background, and a catchy spin on a GREAT holiday favorite…Frank’s Jingle Bells could definitely be pegged as my favorite holiday song. I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Today is my company’s annual holiday luncheon and we have reserved the wine room at San Francisco’s Boulevard for this spectacular event! I CANNOT WAIT and I’m thoroughly enjoying a morning filled with Christmas Carols in anticipation of the fun that is about to be had!!!

BTW, if you are looking for a nice, upbeat holiday CD, the soundtrack to ELF is pretty fabulous. It mixes up the carols with regular songs (perfect for those of us with non-carol people in our lives) YET it stays upbeat and happy the entire way. I MAY have gotten caught FULLY rocking out to it this morning on my way to work ;-).

Happy Holidays Dear Readers! “I love those J-I-N-G-L-E BELLS!”

XO, Karen


Favorite Carol Pick #2

I am not sharing these in the order that I love them, as I love my carols equally! I have chosen this second song not only because it is one of my FAVORITE holiday songs, but because it is also from one of my FAVORITE holiday movies – White Christmas. Have you ever seen Bing Crosby sing? That deep voice comes out so effortlessly and his songs, especially his carols are so comforting. Every time I hear a Bing song, I’m reminded of warm Christmas mornings in my parents home, sitting around the kitchen table enjoying a FEAST, listening to Bing together…I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Check out my first pick here!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! To my dear readers who celebrate Hanukkah, I hope you have a lovely weekend – Happy Hanukkah!!

XOXO, Karen


Apologies for my delayed post. After a little inspiration from my upcoming weekend and my PINTEREST Board entitled “ME TIME*,” I have a fun “round-up” post I’ve been working on. It took me A LOT longer than I thought and then I had to RUN home to catch the end of the SF Giants game SO, in short, yesterday’s post will go up today and today’s post is a plea for your support — Your thoughts and support for our SF Giants has been so incredible. I am writing today, PLEADING for your thoughts and support as we – the San Francisco Giants Team and their Fans – go into tonight’s game!

As Bruce Bochy said, “We’ve done it before..these guys will be out there fighting tomorrow to see if we can get this thing back home,” and I believe him. Us BAY AREA fans are use to TORTURE, but now we must pray ;-).


XOXO, Karen

P.S. I love how this song gets the entire crowd going at games:

*I am regularly recommended books to read or movies to see and I ALWAYS forget them. This board is a GREAT way to remember. Also, before I started blogging, I wanted an outlet that I could promote books/movies that I LOVE – that was the original purpose of that board. It started off, simply, with links to the “Harry Potter” series, “Bridges of Madison County,” “Water for Elephants,” “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society,” my girlfriend’s book “Revived,” “The Glass Castle,” “The Book Thief”, “The Help,” oh and now I’m expanding to movies and more!