I’m married but I’m obsessed with pinning wedding ideas!

No, no, no, I have no intention of getting remarried (I’m very happy with Mr. Darcy thank you very much), but I do think about weddings and what I would do if I ever got to do our wedding over again. I tend to just “Like” wedding ideas on Pinterest as not to send up any red flags. I recently sent up a big red flag because I pin QUITE a bit for my future, nonexistent children. At my grandmother-in-law’s 88th birthday party I was pulled aside and privately asked, “are you pregnant?!” HAND IMMEDIATELY FLEW DOWN TO MY “FRONT HUMP”…WHAT?! The “asker” apparently follows my Pinterest account and just couldn’t help asking…phew!

SO, to clarify, NO, I am not planning on marrying someone else and no I am not someone’s baby mama  – I just like to pin wedding and baby things! BUT, since Mr. Darcy and I are off to a wedding tomorrow I have weddings on the brain again. My sister recently pinned the Wedding Party App (Style Me Pretty* wrote about it recently: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2012/08/27/the-wedding-party-app-an-iphone-giveaway/) WHAT?! The wedding party app would have been AMAZING to have at my wedding.

Image from StyleMePretty

THE SKINNY – Basically you have your guests download the app, they can take pictures throughout the ENTIRE day – I would have loved to have photos of my friends in between our ceremony and the cocktail hour and ESPECIALLY at the after party 😉 – and then with one click, you can upload the entire album to Facebook: AMAZING. I remember secretly checking Facebook (Mr. Darcy is not a fan) on our honeymoon to see if anyone else posted photos of us. Since my wedding was a bit wild – let’s just say most people weren’t focused on taking photos – I got one photo of me walking down the aisle with my dad and one of my first dance with Mr. Darcy (Important photos, yes, but not enough to quench my thirst for wedding memories immediately following the big day!). Apparently that is where the Facebook updates ended. BUT how fun would it have been to check Facebook the very next day and see all of the photos, not just the ones that people thought to upload!?!  I love this app and hope more people catch onto it.

To all of you that have already experienced your wedding day, don’t you just love to try and recreate the amazing things that people did for you?! One thing I know is that I am always down to do whatever my soon-to-be bride (or groom) friends want to do now – you gotta show them excitement. If you haven’t been married, just think, this is one of the biggest things happening in your friend’s life. Most likely it is the first time they have spent more than a year planning, well, ANYTHING and there is so much stress to get it just right. The littlest things can be scary/stressful/emotional/happy so having a friend to share that moment in wedding planning with is amazing – whether trying on a dress, checking out venues, picking between different shades of whatever color combination your friend has chosen for their day, tying bows around whatever they need a freakin’ bow tied around, you name it, SHOW SOME EXCITEMENT!

Anyhoo, that is my rant for the day. I hope to share some real-life pins tomorrow from the wedding – Since I won’t be pinning them to my own Pinterest, I’ll share them here but please feel free to PIN away!!! Love ya readers!

XOXO, Karen

PS. Charlotte recently pinned OPI Nail Polish’s “It’s A Girl” nail polish – I immediately repinned. It is promoted as a cute baby shower favor on Amazon and it reminded me of a wedding shower I attended where pink, shear white and light silver nail polishes with personalized sticky tags where the favors to choose from. The tags read:

  • Pink– Bridal blush pink
  • Shear White – Bridal Gown White
  • Silver – I can’t seem to remember this one (see this is why I need a real-life Pin board) but if you have ideas definitely share them because I’d LOVE to recreate this as a wedding shower treat for a friend planning a wedding in a total of 2 months!

I absolutely loved this idea for a wedding shower and I’m so excited to have another reason to use it for my own future parties!!!

My cousin pinned this from Amazon

*For those brides-to-be planning a wedding right now Style Me Pretty (SMP) is absolutely an incredible site to get you inspired. I mean, Pinterest is pretty fab, but you might just want to start pinning up a storm on SMP. In fact, Mr. Darcy and I did not want a traditional cake because we are more milk and cookie fans SO SMP helped me figure out a way to make the below cookie cake idea happen that I found in InStyle’s Wedding Mag:

(Cookies and cutting cake were baked with love by an AMAZING bakery here in San Francisco, Gerhard Michler: http://www.gerhardmichler.com/ Note: Weddings aren’t really their gig, but they’ve done three of my friends’ weddings and they are DELISH and SO wonderful to work with – ask for Mary).


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