A Hiatus And A Promise

HELLO!!! I hope you did not lose faith in me. I am SO sorry it has been so long since I’ve written. As you know, I broke my phone during the holidays. This paired with AT&T’s ridiculous $200 insurance deductible (what is the POINT of buying insurance?!) and a chance to buy a new phone for $199 in February (I have my eye on that Galaxy S), well, I am left with an old blackberry with a broken camera until Feb.

As you can imagine, the death of TONS of photos I had hoped to blog about put me pretty behind on my blogging. All of this, combined with a few virus’ (ear then stomach) and a CRAZY work schedule has lead me to take a hiatus from blogging – in an effort to get myself organized and prepared for inspired posts (I don’t want to bore you).

Don’t worry, I have QUITE a few things I am already preparing…as a teaser here are a few pins that have inspired me the last few weeks:

add molding to the top of the front door to create a totally custom look

Check out what I like about this photo here: http://meandjilly.blogspot.com/2011/05/front-door-miracle.html

Cake idea for beer tasting party...and snack bar!

I cannot WAIT to share what this is for!

My promise is to be back and blogging before the end of the month. And a promise to blog at LEAST once a week! I hope to inspire as much as all of you have inspired me!

A little shout out to Charlotte for a recent text message that lead to inspiring me to post again. Thank you for reading dear readers!

XO, Karen


30 Days of Pinspiration by Pinterest

Pinterest just released 30 days of Pinspiration – “for 30 days, pinners, non-profits and brands will share what inspiration means to them.” I cannot WAIT to see what everyone brings to the table. Day 2 featured Dale Partridge and I must say, I repin MANY of his pins on a regular basis.

I LOVE this so much and will definitely plan on circling back should there be any Pins that I particularly think you should check out…Dale Partridge is definitely one guy to follow!

Loving the layout too!

CHECK IT OUT: http://holidays.pinterest.com/#

Thanks to my girlfriend for tagging me in a tweet about #Pinspiration. #ILoveIt!

XOXO, Karen

PINTEREST: The Reverse of “I Have Nothing To Wear” – A Workweek’s Worth Of Pinned Outfits

This post officially marks my 100th!!! Although I typically just blog as I go (I really wasn’t lying when I said I use Pinterest EVERY day), when I started seeing the numbers grow closer to 100 this past weekend, I decided to give some thought to what I wanted my 100th post to be. Through these last few months I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my take on and experiences with Pinterest Pins. I hope you’ve:

  • Laughed with me as I learn how to cook – typically it takes me a day or two to find the funny there, but you help me uncover it when I actually have to write out what I just discovered (BACON GREASE UNDER A BROILER = FIRE!)
  • Celebrated when I actually got a recipe right
  • Cheered as our boys in orange went to the World Series!!!
  • Whipped up some margaritas before, during and after my 30th birthday Fiesta (THANK YOU for indulging me)!
  • OR, embraced a girls night full of girlie movies! I look forward to sharing more of my favorites (up next, holiday movies!!!)

Although I definitely need to take better photos (poor Mr. Darcy’s crema never looked so unappetizing), you have all been so fabulous to me and I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing many things with you. SO, for my 100th post, I decided I’d go with a post about one of my more popular Pinterest boards – also a popular theme here at The Pinterest Woman – FASHION!

It was either fashion or food!

Those are the posts I get the most “likes” on and since I feel like I have NO sense of fashion, I’m going with “Fashion,” as you always pump up my confidence so much…Oh and without Pinterest, I would NEVER post a photo of my outfit to the internet! 😉

Here it goes…(I know, I know, I’m long winded – I will keep it short):

This past Sunday, what was typically a trap in the past – the weather is turning and I’m shopping in a clothing store – quickly became a revelation that I, in fact, DID have something to wear!

About twice a year, typically right when the weather is changing, I look to my closet FULL of clothes and think those annoying thoughts – “I have NOTHING to wear.” This winter Pinterest gave me a new outlook on my closet. Knowing my 100th post was on its way, I challenged myself NOT to plan out my outfits the night before this week and to use Pinterest as my Stylist each morning…and you know what, it worked! I even got a few compliments along the way!!! (NOTE DAY 4: I was running late and only after putting on my JCREW High Heel Jeans and black boots, I realized my white collared shirt was NOT ironed…BUT panic did not settle in. I grabbed a favorite sweater from LOFT 2011 and was very pleased with the outfit – I even stayed in it for Harper’s Birthday dinner. A last minute outfit NEVER makes it an entire day for me):

Takeaway?! Don’t wait until the morning to plan your outfits, BUT always use Pinterest, especially if “you don’t have anything to wear!”

TGIF, Karen

Giants & Sailors & Readers OH MY! – Friday Inspiration

The weather is changing RAPIDLY here in San Francisco – we had a heat wave this week and now it is getting back to normal (65 degrees). WELCOME TO SF’s SUMMER MONTHS (aka. October). Why am I bringing this up?! Because weeks like this stress me out style-wise – I even reverted to my old self this week: keeping myself up at night, worried about what I was going to wear the following day! So, the other night, while Mr. Darcy was at class, I spent HOURS Pinning Fall/Warm & Cool outfits for the next few days – I have to look fabulous for Birthday Week/PLAYOFFS/Fleet Week!!! 😉


Speaking of style, look at this ADORABLE headband my girlfriend loaned me for my Fiesta :


With that said, this weekend will be full of exciting activities – Fleet Week/Playoff parties, meeting up with old and new friends to celebrate all that is taking place in SF and prepping for the Fiesta! With my favorite sports team, friends and life in general to celebrate this weekend, I thought this sign, found in my Facebook news feed  was appropriate for a Friday post!

You may be small in numbers, but thank you to my dear readers who come back regularly and indulge me as The Pinterest Woman. You are helping me fulfill a fun goal (write a blog) as well as inspiring me to keep bettering myself. If I didn’t have you, I might not force myself to try new recipes, try and try again on my home DIY projects (I’m painting my garage door this weekend – stay tuned) and simply trying to be more outwardly thoughtful (I always have the best intentions for colleague’s birthdays, special holiday treats for friends, little ways of showing I care and yet, I feel like I never get around to it or simply don’t have a good way of doing this…YOU and Pinterest are helping). Happy Friday dear friends! I hope you have a fulfilling and relaxing/fun weekend.



P.S. Today’s outfit was inspired by PINTEREST – I’m loving that my new skinny black pants easily tuck into my boots (NOTE: I do not have a full length mirror at my disposal right now so I had to do this random leg-up-on-sink pose to get my full outfit in, hahaha…here’s to doing Yoga this weekend so this pose won’t hurt again, ha!)

Nora and Tony – Naming Revelation

I am loving the challenge of coming up with names for my loved ones – most of them don’t even know I’m blogging or haven’t seen my blog and I want to respect that they may or may not appreciate the public sharing of my thoughts on our activities together, ha! But I digress.

Mr. Darcy was easy. I’m a huge fan of literature (regularly reading two or three books at a time – which does get confusing, yes) and love the witty parallels between Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones Diary, BJD (After Funny Girl, BJD and Love Actually are definitely in my top list of fave movies). In my Mr. Darcy’s defense, he never hurt my pride. BUT we simply took a LONG time to figure out that we were meant to be. And to me, he is the most handsome, kind and loving mate a person could have.

But, I have to admit, the rest of the names have been a bit difficult, especially when I attempted to find a name that also described them. Case in point, my parents. It took me awhile to come up with the best names for them. HOWEVER, I think I have finally figured it out!!!

  • My Mom – Nora. She is TOTALLY Sally Field’s character Nora Walker on “Brothers & Sisters.” She loves having us kids around and enjoys creating a happy home. Even as we grow, marry and have children of our own, my mom also maintains her Irish Catholic guilt skills and worries about us like young children. She is a kick and as I grow older and wiser, I am regularly embarrassed by the way I’ve acted towards her. Teen/College girls can be so mean to their parents! She and my dad have given me SO much and I am eternally grateful. It’s pretty awesome to have such a doting mom. And, as I catch up on the “Brothers & Sisters” series on Netflix, I am regularly associating episode happenings to my life, ha!
  • My Dad – TONY, Oh my dad is TOTALLY “Tony” Micelli (Danza). Although TOTALLY Irish and not Italian, my father is Tony. My sister once made the connection when “Who’s the Boss” was still a show, and it remains a true comparison to this day. Everyone who meets him, loves him. When we were younger, he was over protective. He always made us feel so safe and loved. Even now, with husbands and homes of our own, my dad regularly comes to the “rescue” of my sister and I. Without him, my house may not be painted, I’d still have the original window coverings and lighting throughout the house and a random room that was placed on the back of my house would not be torn down and shining light into my front room.

Anyhoo, this is a random post, I know, but I was so proud of this naming revelation, that I had to share my thoughts! 😉

I hope you all have a lovely day!

XOXO, Karen

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that the moment one area of your life goes okay, the other falls spectacularly to pieces,” said Renee Zellweger in her voice over in the opening of Bridget Jones Diary. I’m so glad, in the end, that movie shows Bridget that her opening line is a grand overstatement.

Worries…Blogger Advice Request

I’ve been in meetings all day today and the topic of social media came up. I, of course, had a lot to say on the Pinterest front…In fact, I was kind of like a kid in a candy shop, promoting it as if it is my job, ha. Anyhoo, this meeting also started a long conversation about recent lawsuits where Pinners are being sued for copyright infringement. WHAT?! Ok, ok, I have been hearing rumors of this, but the reality of it is that we need to be careful. I read this article today: http://www.lextechnologiae.com/2012/03/03/why-deleting-your-pinterest-boards-over-copyright-concerns-is-an-overreaction/. It does a nice job of highlighting the ways you can avoid copyright infringement on Pinterest, but this raises, the question – How can I avoid this via ThePinterestWoman.WordPress.com?! Help!!

Dear readers, I would love to continue Pinning and writing about it, but can you – especially my new blogger friends – give me advice? Does a link or mention of the website where the Pin is found, written in the caption enough?!

Advice, PLEASE!!!

XOXO, Karen

PS. In one of my meetings this morning my colleague was presenting on the things my team does. We are a team of MANY girls and only three boys. So he said, “we are basically a jack…and jills…of all trades.” I just thought it was funny and thought I’d share. Kind of cute. RANDOM!